Keeping Our Neighborhood Beautiful!
Date: Monday, April 17 @ 13:32:22
Topic: Announcements

The trash corrals will be cleaned this coming Wednesday, April 19th. Our waste removal company, Advantage, has confirmed pickup prior to noon on that day so the corrals should be mostly empty when they are cleaned after 12:00 p.m.

Pet Owners - If your animal should have an accident on the sidewalk, please remember to clean up after your pet. There have been several instances just this past week where owners (or visitors) have not taken proper care of this. We want to keep our neighborhood beautiful for all to enjoy.

Please make sure that your trash and recyclables are properly prepared for pickup. When bags are not tied or items are placed in open boxes or bins, trash does escape, especially on windy days. If you do see items like this, please help out and pick up stray papers, etc. where you can. This is yet another way to keep our neighborhood looking its best!

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