The Blizzard of 2016
Posted on Tuesday, February 02 @ 18:32:01 (18 reads)
Announcements To Owners At The Courtyards At Waverly Woods East

As life returns to some semblance of normalcy, and before this storm is a distant memory, it might be wise to take a look back at last weekend's big storm. Whether you call it "Jonas," or "The Blizzard of 2016," the storm was a biggie.

We realize the storm was a record setter in terms of snowfall. In addition, it was, by far, the largest storm to hit WWE since the NB assumed leadership of the community in late 2010. That means it was the biggest storm ever addressed by the NB and our snow contractor, Ashton. (The developer was still responsible for snow removal during "Snowmaggedon" in 2010, and neither Ashton or the NB was involved.)

The Neighborhood Board is most appreciative of the steady stream of complimentary messages we have received regarding the snow removal efforts. Many people commented on the excellent performance by the workers from Ashton.

In addition, we want to highlight a few other key points:

> Elevator Condo Owners were a big help in responding on a timely basis to requests to move cars so the parking lots could be cleaned in an efficient manner.
> There were many, many instances of "neighbors helping neighbors," especially in helping clean the snow off of vehicles. That's the kind of support that makes our community great.
> The NB thanks our owners for the way people came together during this historic storm event.

Finally, we need to toss out an enormous "THANK YOU" to the community's Unsung Hero, Bob "The Snow Man" Sheesley. Bob was outside all day, everyday, while Ashton was on site. He helped owners and guided Ashton. In addition, since the volume of snow was unprecedented, changes had to be made "on the fly" to improve the snow removal process. Bob and Ashton collaborated to revise the process to get us plowed out and operative. And, the lessons learned from this storm will help us deal with large storms in the future.

You may not be aware of this, but many communities do not have a volunteer like Bob to coordinate the snow removal efforts with their vendor. WWE owners all benefit from Bob's efforts through improved processes, which help reduce costs.

On behalf of all owners, the Neighborhood Board once again thanks Ashton Environmental and their crew for getting WWE owners dug out and back on the road. We also thank everyone in the community for the way people came together to help each other. And, NB members Anne Burgan, Marv Garlick, Bill Rowe, and Paul Neumayer thank our fellow board member, Bob Sheesley, for his selfless service during this epic storm.
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Another Safety Precaution
Posted on Thursday, January 28 @ 15:23:47 (12 reads)
Announcements This item is from Charlie Karr, and relates to an additional safety precaution that should be taken in the ice and snow.

Each year, numerous deaths occur due to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. This risk is increased in winter because ice and snow can block the car's tailpipe. When this happens, the deadly CO fumes go back into the car. Please take the following precautions:

> Do not start your car until you have checked to make sure there is nothing, including snow and ice, blocking your tailpipe.

> Do not sit in the car with the engine running until the tailpipe has been checked to be free of all blockages.

> When parking, don't back your car into a snow bank, which could block the tailpipe.

These simple precautions can save lives!
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Snow Removal Status Update, Tuesday, 1/26/16
Posted on Tuesday, January 26 @ 10:43:58 (8 reads)
Announcements Below is an update from Ashton Environmental, as of 7 am on Tuesday, 1/26. Despite the improving conditions, we urge everyone to be VERY careful

I have additional labor coming today. I also have 2 backhoes coming to stack snow, widen streets and entrances, and uncover storm drains where we had no choice but to push snow. We also have the skid steer machines working on parking spaces today.

We should have the site well under control at the end of today. Yesterday all villa driveways were cleared and we worked with residents to clear spaces in the condo side.
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Document Archive
Posted on Monday, January 25 @ 19:12:19 (37 reads)
Announcements Please notice we have archived most of the earlier documents previously posted on the web. The archived documents, however, are still available to see.

You may view the archived documents by clicking on Archives, the subheading under Documents on the Main Menu. This procedure is good website management and helps us keep the websites uncluttered.
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Snow Removal - Monday, January 25th, 2016
Posted on Monday, January 25 @ 11:10:27 (16 reads)
Announcements The message below is from our contact at Ashton Manor, our snow removal contractor. Many owners have written and commented about how hard the Ashton crew was working. As you can see from the message below, Ashton is making every effort to finish WWE. We want everyone to know what to expect over the next couple of days. Please use extreme caution!

Good morning-

My update did not go out as expected on Sunday evening as we were all exhausted.

Here is where we stand as of this morning 1/25/16

1. You can move around the property, all roads are cleared. There are huge piles of snow everywhere which will need to get tightened up and piled higher. I am hoping to accomplish this by moving in a larger machine later today or tomorrow morning at the latest. It is extremely difficult securing larger machines as they are either working for the state or counties, or they are servicing whomever is the highest bidder. I am dong my best to retain the one large loader we have left on a big commercial site in Gaithersburg, and get him to Waverly ASAP.

2. We have a large additional labor forces on site today to continue to dig out driveways. It is estimated that about 30% of the driveways in the Villas remain to be cleared. I expect this to be completed today. Because we cannot clear any driveways be mechanical means, this task is daunting considering itís all hand shoveling and some areas are very deep due to drifting.

3. The crews did work in to the evening last night and went back to the hotel. Last night will be their last night staying at Turf Valley, a decision I made and an expense we incur to keep everyone as close to the site as possible.

4. Everyone should expect the removal efforts to go through Wednesday at the very earliest, potentially all week. Due to the amount of vehicles that need to be moved, the spaces that need to be cleared, and the sheer volume of snow. This timeframe is in-line with all the other efforts in the area, and all areas which have been affected by this storm.

Please let me know if you need further information at this time. I am going to be on site a some point today to see what adjustments if any need to be made.
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Winter Storm Response - WWE Condos and Villas, Saturday 1/23/16
Posted on Saturday, January 23 @ 17:03:12 (28 reads)
Announcements Neighbors, Waverly Woods East Condominiums and Villa Unit Owners:

The purpose of this notice is to continue our effort to provide updates to members of the WWE Community as winter storm events come and go. Due to the nature of this storm system, and the timing of it's presence over our Community, our initial snow removal effort began early this morning. When the storm was just beginning, we realized that due to the amount of snow falling, the blizzard conditions and future drifting, we wanted to immediately clear the main roadways entering our development and major overflow parking areas for the possibility of safety and emergency access purposes.

The clearing of these areas will continue through the day and evening today as the storm system moves through the area. On Sunday and possibly Monday, the clearing of snow and ice accumulations will continue on the sidewalks, entrance walk, steps, and driveways in the Villas. Sidewalks and parking areas in the Condominium section of the Community will also be cleared. The system is scheduled to end during Sunday morning.

As of 12:50 pm, WBAL TV reported that Woodstock MD has received 20.3 inches.

Bob Sheesley
NB of Directors
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Directory Update
Posted on Thursday, January 21 @ 18:12:20 (105 reads)
Announcements The community directory has been updated and posted on the web site under Documents.

Please remember that this information is private and should not be shared with anyone outside the community. Please also remember you can change your directory information by clicking on Contacts, then clicking on the link under Community Directory "". You will be able to send a message with the information that needs to be changed.
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Revised Community Contacts List
Posted on Wednesday, January 06 @ 12:19:57 (57 reads)
Announcements We have revised the document "Community Contacts List" to include updated information about UPM, our new management company and our new community social coordinators. Other information has been updated as well. Please see the revised document under Documents and Community Center/Social Activities.

The Neighborhood Board
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