Year 2014 First Snow Event
Posted on Wednesday, November 26 @ 00:34:26 (1 reads)
Announcements Our first winter storm will likely visit us from early Wednesday morning to mid day. The National Weather Service is predicting snow through November 27, 2014 approximately 0.1" to 0.9" in eastern and central Howard County, and 1.0" to 2.9" in western Howard County. Rain, then rain mixed with snow, will occur during the daytime hours.

Ashton Snow Removal Services and I will be monitoring the storm event and respond tomorrow morning and during the day as necessary.

Bob Sheesley
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Community Directory
Posted on Tuesday, November 25 @ 10:21:28 (1 reads)
Announcements The Quarterly Directory Update has been posted on the web site. Click on "Contacts," then click "Community Directory" on the web site to report directory changes or to be listed for the first time.

The published directory and directions for making changes are accessed by clicking "Documents" and then "Community Directory." Remember, the directory is intended for owners' use only.
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September 2014 Neighborhood Association Financials Posted
Posted on Wednesday, November 12 @ 17:27:19 (5 reads)
Announcements The End-Of-Third-Quarter Financial Reports have been posted to our web site. See the Document file entitled "September 2014 Financials.pdf" posted under the heading Neighborhood Association Financials.
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Finishing The Community
Posted on Wednesday, October 22 @ 20:46:41 (6 reads)
Announcements We want to bring you up to date on two important items: Concrete repairs and the gate.

You have probably noticed white paint markings on our sidewalks and curbs. These markings designate the areas that will be repaired or replaced, and are an integral part of the concrete repair process. The repair process is expected to start within two weeks and should take about a week.

There are several important points to note. First, different type of markings were used for different types of fixes. Second, the markings can be thought of as analogous to an agreement between the developer and the Neighborhood Board. The developer agrees to make the marked repairs, each of which has been documented with a photograph. This leads to an important third point: The workers are not authorized to make any repairs of concrete that has not been, please do not ask them to do so.

There is a related item: The developer has no obligation to repair the surface damage to the concrete that occurred last winter, which explains why these areas are not marked. As was discussed at the September Annual Meeting, the NB will be dealing with this next year.

We have also started the preliminary work regarding the installation of the gate. It is too early to determine if it can be installed before the winter weather arrives.

Please remember one other important point: Both our community and The Enclaves were sold as a "gated community." The gate WILL BE installed, so please do not suggest otherwise. Once installed, we can change the hours of operation to optimize the value of the gate.

We will keep you informed regarding developments on both the concrete repairs and the gate.

The Neighborhood Board
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Highlights from Thursday Night\'s Annual Meeting, 9/18/14
Posted on Friday, September 19 @ 22:07:40 (11 reads)
Announcements THANKS!: We had record attendance and the largest number of votes in the community's brief history. Thanks to all of you who participated and/or voted.

CONGRATULATIONS: Bill Rowe and Bob Sheesley were re-elected to the Neighborhood Board. We congratulate them and thank them for their continued service to our community.

COMMUNITY PLAN: The NB is about to start a three year plan for the community. It will include the development of a list of possible community enhancements, a process to prioritize the enhancements, and a plan for implementation. In the near future, we will address the first step of the process, the gathering of possible enhancements. At that time, you will be given many more details and an opportunity to let the Neighborhood Board know of your ideas for potential future enhancements.

FINANCIAL UPDATE: We are fully reserved. Despite the extraordinary expenses in the first quarter (largely for unbudgeted snow removal and the damage at the Community Center), our Year-To-Date Revenues slightly exceed our Year-To-Date Expenditures. In other words, we are "living within our budget." Another major part of our solid finances relate to the fact that we no longer believe we will be assessed almost $25,000 for the Impervious Surface Tax. We have been accruing for this tax every month, so not having to pay it is a significant reason our Cash Flow and Finances have withstood a number of unbudgeted expenses. NOTE THAT THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE HAVE AN EXTRA $25,000 TO SPEND HOWEVER WE PLEASE. Not having to pay a $25,000 expense simply improves our current overall financial position as well as the outlook for the rest of the year.

PUTTING IT ALL IN CONTEXT: The Board understands that many owners' primary concern is keeping dues to a minimum. And, we respect that position. The NB will provide every opportunity for people to express their opinion...whether it is to support new initiatives...or to do no enhancements in order to keep the dues low. The Board Members do not advocate any particular position on this (or any) issue: OUR ROLE IS TO REPRESENT THE WISHES OF ALL 321 OWNERS. Trying to blend the often differing perspectives of so many people is obviously a challenge. The plan that is ultimately developed will represent the wishes of all owners to the best of the Board's ability.

BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER: The 2015 budget process has just started. The NB has already received requests for specific expenditures. We will have the PRELIMINARY budget to you in 4 to 6 weeks. In November, at the next Open Meeting, all owners will have an opportunity to comment on the budget before the NB votes on it. It is far too early to have an idea of the 2015 dues. What we can say is that the Board will do everything in our power to keep the dues as low as possible while complying with all regulations, providing a safe environment, and representing the wishes of all 321 owners.

There were many other areas of discussion, including many great questions from the floor. We will let you know when the minutes are posted to the web site, which will provide more details from the meeting. Once posted, we encourage you to read the minutes. Thanks again for your interest and participation.

The Neighborhood Board
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Neighborhood Board Bi-Weekly Report: 9/5/14
Posted on Friday, September 05 @ 22:19:47 (16 reads)
Announcements The Neighborhood Board Bi-Weekly Reports are posted as well as emailed to WWE owners. To view the report on the website, please click on the Documents link and then Neighborhood Board Reports.

The Neighborhood Board
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