Response to Winter Weather System -- 1/26/15 - 1/27/15
Posted on Monday, January 26 @ 12:16:56 (1 reads)
Announcements The ice and snow storm that is moving through our area during Jan. 25th, 26th, and 27th has presented us with variable weather conditions such as constant changing temperatures above and below freezing, and almost hourly changeable projections of accumulations of ice, snow, or both. As a result of these conditions, the storm is too unstable to predict if or when the Community needs to have a response by our snow removal contractor, Ashton.

At this moment, 10:00 am, outdoor air temperatures are still projected in the mid 30's for the day. There are slippery areas along sections of our interior roads and walkways as it is outside of our Community. As this message is written, snow accumulations are tentatively forecast in the range of 1" to 3" inches on Monday, with possibly 2" to 4" inches thru Tuesday.

This notice is to inform the Community of our understanding of the conditions, at this time, and the short term options which are being evaluated in order to provide a proper measure of response to this most recent winter weather event. If conditions further deteriorate during the day, Ashton Snow Removal is on standby to respond immediately. We may choose to have the roads and walkways treated with ice melt in order to control ice buildup during the evening and early morning hours when temperatures are projected to decrease below freezing. If the snow precipitation returns to the area, the road and walkways will be plowed, probably in the early morning hours.

Be Careful, and please use the ice melt in the containers staged throughout the Community, if necessary.

Bob Sheesley, NB of Directors
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Monday's (1/26/15) Trash Pick-Up May Be Delayed
Posted on Sunday, January 25 @ 21:48:02 (1 reads)
Announcements Our trash and recycling vendor (Clean Advantage) has let us know that, depending on the amount of snow we receive, there MAY not be pick-up on Monday, January 26. We certainly cannot blame them for being concerned for the safety of their employees.

If they do not come on Monday, they will be here on Wednesday. At that time, they will get BOTH trash and recycling.

Of course, the Neighborhood Board urges everyone to exercise extra caution if the snows do materialize.

The Neighborhood Board
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Snow Removal Update - January 8, 2015
Posted on Friday, January 09 @ 09:12:31 (3 reads)
Announcements To All Owners-

Neighborhood Board Member Bob Sheesley has asked that the following message be posted. We refer to Bob as the community "Snow Man." As you can see from the message below, Bob continually seeks ways to improve the snow removal process. He spends many hours during a storm event to coordinate with Ashton on the removal process. His efforts benefit all of us in terms of safety in the snow as well as cost control. On behalf of all owners, we thank Bob for his efforts. Thanks, Bob!!!

Ashton Snow Removal Service responded to the January 6th snowfall event about 10:00 am. Two changes in the removal process were implemented in an effort to modify the plowing of streets so that we could avoid any damage to concrete curbs and gutter areas. Selected locations throughout the community were identified with colored construction cones indicating sensitive areas such as curb, gutters, and in road islands to alert snow plow operators of their presence. As the contractor worked around the community these markers were moved to the next work area. In addition to the markers, we decided to identify the general location of curbs and drainage ways so that no plowing would occur within a 1' to 2' feet buffer area. The main road sections were mechanically plowed in the center of the roadway assuring adequate space for vehicle access and maneuvering. The snow remained in that buffer area to melt and flow to the storm drain inlets. This approach resulted in the ability of the snow plow operators to avoid any curbs, concrete drainage ways, and grass areas between the sidewalks and the roadway, especially in the Villa section of the community. After completing clearing of the snow, the roads, sidewalks and driveways were treated with ice melt sufficient to deter ice buildup.

The amount of snowfall was not significant enough to warrant the evacuation of all vehicles from parking areas to complete removal of snow at those locations. However, plowing a road path through the lots afforded access to the main roads.

During the next few days, we will monitor the effect of the use of identifying location markers and the buffer strip to see if the intended result of no impact has been achieved.

Bob Sheesley, NB of Board of Directors
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Community Message
Posted on Monday, December 29 @ 17:52:46 (5 reads)
Announcements Despite the communications reminding owners that the trash corrals are for trash and recycling only, people continue to put other things in them. For purposes of this message, we will refer to the other refuse as "junk." "Junk" is to be taken to the landfill, not placed in the trash corrals.

A used hot water heater has been placed in the trash corral between Elevator Condos 1 and 2. Clearly, this is not something that our trash vendor will remove.

It seems likely that one of our owners needed a new hot water heater, and that their contractor placed the old one in the trash corral instead of taking it to the landfill. Unless the hot water heater is removed, we will have to pay a vendor to take it to the landfill.

Successful "Condominium Living" depends on every owner thinking in terms of "What's good for the community." In this case, "What's good for the community" is utilizing the trash corrals as they were intended, not having the community pay someone to remove it.

If you have had your hot water heater replaced in the past few days, please contact your contractor. If your contractor placed the old hot water heater in a trash corral, please have him remove it and take it to the landfill.

For all owners, please remember to handle trash and recycling appropriately:
- Recycling is for recyclables (paper, cardboard, bottles, plastic, and cans).
- Trash is for household refuse. It is not for "junk."
- If anything else is placed in the trash corrals, The Neighborhood Board will have to pay to have it removed. This cost is borne by all owners, and paid for out of our dues.
- We live about two miles from the HoCo landfill. If you have junk, please take it to the landfill instead of placing it in a trash corral.

Thank you.

The Neighborhood Board
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Important Information Regarding Snow Removal
Posted on Wednesday, December 17 @ 11:22:46 (6 reads)
Announcements With the first snow already behind us and winter officially arriving next week, the Neighborhood Board wants to make sure everyone understands how snow removal is handled in our community. Key points to understand and remember:

* Our governing documents specify that the Neighborhood Board provide a means for snow removal. This includes the driveways and lead walks for villas.

* Typically, we call in the snow removal vendor (Ashton Environmental) for snow events of 2" or more. We may bring them in for lesser accumulations if ice or sleet is involved, or if the temperatures are such that freezing is likely.

* Each storm event has its own unique characteristics. Decisions must be made on the spur of the moment, and our weather is notoriously difficult to predict.

* The buckets containing ice melt have been placed at each villa mailbox, at each elevator condo building, and at the Community Center. If you need to spread the ice melt material, please spread only a thin coating.

* The NB has conducted due diligence on the ice melt material we use. The material we use is considered a "premium" product. ANY ice melt material runs the risk of damaging concrete. Many can be harmful to pets and are hard on the environment. The material we use is both "environmentally friendly" and "pet friendly."

* We had our concrete tested, and it meets all HoCo tests for quality. Prior damage to the surface of our concrete is believed to be the result of several factors:
- Last winter was extremely cold, so the ice continually thawed and refroze. This "freeze-thaw" cycle is very tough on the surface of the concrete.
- The "freeze-thaw" process is exaggerated when huge piles of snow are on concrete.
- The ice melt material may have been applied too heavily.
- Ice melt material was left to decompose on the concrete after the ice has melted.

* We have met with Ashton Environmental and made the following changes to the snow removal process for this winter:
- Lighter distribution of ice melt material.
- Less snow piled on concrete.
- Stakes have been set up to help guide the plow drivers.
- Some changes in equipment used by Ashton.

Three additional points for our owners to consider:

1. Elevator Condo Owners: Please remember that there may be times when cars in the parking areas will have to be moved so the area can be plowed. Please be prepared to move your car when asked. If you go out of town, please make sure a neighbor has a key to any cars you are leaving in the parking lot.

2. Villa owners: We've been told treating your brick walks with a protective product for bricks may minimize damage from the ice melt material.

3. All owners: Sweeping the ice melt material off the brick walks and concrete after the ice has melted should reduce concrete damage due to the decomposition of the product.

Of course, all drivers should exercise extreme caution in rain, snow, and ice. It is also important for pedestrians to do the same.

As the old saying goes, we should all, "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst" this winter.

The Neighborhood Board
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Community Directory
Posted on Tuesday, November 25 @ 10:21:28 (8 reads)
Announcements The Quarterly Directory Update has been posted on the web site. Click on "Contacts," then click "Community Directory" on the web site to report directory changes or to be listed for the first time.

The published directory and directions for making changes are accessed by clicking "Documents" and then "Community Directory." Remember, the directory is intended for owners' use only.
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