Bocce Ball Standings
Posted on Saturday, July 16 @ 09:47:53 (2 reads)
Announcements The weekly bocce ball standings are posted here on the website. Check out the Bocce Ball page for standings, the schedule, the roster and the rules.
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Open Meeting Note
Posted on Sunday, July 10 @ 12:24:21 (4 reads)
Announcements To All Owners At CYWWE:

As noted earlier, there is an Owners Open Meeting on Tuesday, July 12 at 7 pm in the Community Center. One agenda item was labeled "Gate."

We want everyone to have accurate expectations of that agenda item. At this meeting, there will be a brief update on the unfolding of the gate installation process.

At Tuesday's meeting, we will NOT have time to go into the operating details of the gate. In the near future, we will hold a "Gate Meeting" that will address these details and provide owners with a forum for gate related questions.
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CYWWE Open Meeting Agenda
Posted on Saturday, July 09 @ 10:56:08 (6 reads)
Announcements CYWWE Open Meeting
Tuesday, July 12
7 pm Community Center

Below is the agenda for next Tuesday's meeting. As you can see, it is a agenda that is full of pertinent topics. If you have any questions that you would like to have specifically addressed at the meeting, please send them to the board as soon as possible. That will give us time to research your question and prepare a response for all to hear at the meeting. In addition, due to the full agenda, we will strictly enforce the three-minute time limit for commentary at the "Open Microphone" portion the meeting.


- Welcome

- Brief NB Reports:
>Concrete Repair
>Community Rules Summary

- Open Microphone: Any owner may speak for three minutes on any topic.

- Board Closed Session
>Discussion and Vote:
. Investments
. Landscape
. Community Rules
. Release

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Photos of the July 4th Party
Posted on Tuesday, July 05 @ 09:41:39 (11 reads)
Announcements Photos of the Waverly Woods July 4th Party have been posted. See the Photo Gallery page on the Main Menu.
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Open Meetings
Posted on Monday, June 27 @ 15:48:38 (28 reads)
Announcements We want to remind all owners of two Open Meetings.

First, there is the previously announced "Single Topic" meeting this Thursday, June 30, at 7 pm in the Community Center. The agenda is as follows:

- Welcome
- Open Microphone: The Only Topic is The Proposed ARC Guidelines for CE1, CE2, and CE3
- Neighborhood Board Vote:
--- ARC Guidelines for CE1, CE2, and CE3
--- Several ARC Applications That Have Been Approved By Condo Associations

We are announcing another Neighborhood Board Open Meeting. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 12, at 7 pm in the Community Center. The agenda will be sent closer to the meeting date, and will include a financial update, investment update, and a discussion and NB vote on the revised Release Form.

Regarding the Release, it has been discussed at length with our attorney and some revisions were made. The revised form and explanatory cover letter are being prepared for mailing to all owners. The cover letter places the Release in context; please read that letter with care. This document has been posted on the website on the DOCUMENTS page in the "Neighborhood Association Rules and Guidelines" section labeled "Facilities Release". Please note that, to facilitate reading, the changes to the Release are highlighted in red font.

In closing, we wish everyone a safe and happy 4th Of July. Don't forget our Independence Day Party at 2 pm.
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Open Meeting Announcement - June 30th, 2016
Posted on Sunday, June 19 @ 10:49:34 (17 reads)
Announcements To All Owners At The Courtyards At Waverly Woods East:

Earlier this year, the boards of CE1, CE2, and CE3 voted to approve revised ARC Guidelines after discussion at an open meeting of Association members. As required by our governing documents, the final step in the process for these revised guidelines is for the Neighborhood Board to vote to approve and adopt the three sets of guidelines. After NB approval, the guidelines become operative.

With that objective in mind, there will be an open meeting of ALL owners held on Thursday, June 30 at 7 PM in the Community Center. This will be a single topic meeting, the sole purpose of which is to allow for comments from owners, followed by a NB vote on the three sets of Elevator Condo Association ARC Guidelines.

Elevator Condo owners received a paper copy of their guidelines before the Condo Association's meeting and Condo Board vote a couple of months ago. In an effort to "be green" and save money on mail costs, we will not mail another copy. If you didn't save the set of guidelines you received and would like a replacement copy, please request a set from a member of your Condo Board or Jaime Blumberg.

Villa Owners, this meeting is open to all owners, but the discussion will NOT include any aspects of the Villa ARC guidelines. Please be aware that revised Villa ARC Guidelines are still a work in process. Once complete, those guidelines will go through the same process: Open Meeting and vote by the Villa Board and another Open Meeting and vote by the NB. If you plan to attend the June 30 meeting and would like a set of the ARC guidelines of one of the Elevator Condo Associations, please request a set from Jaime Blumberg.

In the interest of making our meetings productive, informative, and an efficient use of time for all, we ask that you submit your questions or concerns BEFORE the meeting. That way, the Condo Associations or NB can come prepared with an explanation.

Thank you.

Condo Association Presidents and Neighborhood Board
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BRIVO Transition is Complete
Posted on Thursday, June 02 @ 15:34:34 (47 reads)
Announcements To All Owners At CYWWE:

The transition to BRIVO is, hopefully, complete.

Three comments to bring to your attention:

First, the cards have been made for everyone who submitted paperwork. If you have not yet picked up your cards, they are in the Red Room at the Community Center. You may get them at the Community Center at the following times:
- Thursday: Judy Hill will be in the CC from 10 am until 11:30.
- Friday: Fran Sachs will be in the CC from 1:30 until 3 pm.

Second, if you have not submitted your paperwork, you may take it to Jaime, who will be in the CC next Tuesday. If you prefer, simply put the paperwork in an envelope and slide it under the door of the office. Jaime will make the cards next Tuesday, while she is in the office.

Third, a question was raised about whether BRIVO will work if the internet crashes. BRIVO is internet based, but much information resides in a "panel" on-site. If the internet crashes, the system will recognize the card of anyone whose card has been registered into the system. If the internet crashes, Jaime will not be able to do some off-site management and administrative activities. However, owners should still be able to get into our facilities.

The Neighborhood Board
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Be Careful!
Posted on Wednesday, June 01 @ 17:47:28 (25 reads)
Announcements We have recently learned that there is a black bear moving throughout WWE. It has also been spotted on the golf course.

A CYWWE owner contacted the Department of Natural Resources. DNR has responded and said that we must let "nature take its course." The bear is seeking a mate. When he fails to find one in our area, he will leave the area in his quest for a mate.

The representative at DNR did specifically recommend that everyone take down, or at least empty, any bird feeders.

We are not experts in black bears or bear trapping. If you have questions, we recommend that you contact the DNR or Howard County.

Please be aware of this situation and exercise appropriate caution for both humans and pets.
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Great Pool News!
Posted on Monday, May 23 @ 08:58:18 (53 reads)

To All Owners At CYWWE:

In response to input from owners, we have been trying to gain some type of access for our owners to the "Waverly Woods Owners" (WWO) pool on Warrick Way. We are delighted to report that all CYWWE owners will have access to the WWO pools!

Even better...your ability to use this pool is at no additional charge! That's right, your WWO monthly dues of $5.50 now include the pool.

The WWO pool facility has three pools, including a kiddie pool. During the times when our pool does not allow children, grandparents can take their grandchildren to the WWO facility. Please note on their rules that there is a fee for guests.

Here are some of the basic facts about the WWO pool:

> It is open from May 28 until Labor Day.

> The hours are as follows:
> May 28 until June 17 and August 29 until September 5:
> Monday-Friday: 4 PM to 8 PM
> Saturday, Sunday, Memorial Day, and Labor Day: 10 AM to 8 PM
> June 18 until August 28:
> 10 AM to 8 PM

> You enter off of Warrick Way.

> Your BRIVO card is needed to get in the facility.

> The rules are posted at the pool.

> If you have questions, please contact Ed Mueller at FREM, at 410-730-9531 or

We have also posted the WWO Pool Rules on the web site in the "Documents" and "Policies" section. Please read them before using the WWO pool for the first time.

Speaking of Pool Rules, we are mailing the 2016 rules for the WWE pool to all owners via USPS. In addition, the rules are posted in the same location as the WWO pool rules. Please familiarize yourself with the rules.

We thank the Waverly Woods Owners Association, Jaime Blumberg, and (especially) Ed Mueller for bringing this to fruition. It's a wonderful example of how collaboration benefits us all. It's one more benefit of living in Waverly Woods!

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Posted on Monday, May 02 @ 19:42:09 (56 reads)
Announcements To All Owners At The Courtyards At Waverly Woods East:

We have been informed that the Waverly Woods golf course was recently vandalized. Cars have been driven on the course and parts of the irrigation system have been significantly damaged.

It is important that all WWE owners take precautions. Please make sure your home and vehicles are locked at all times. And, please don't leave anything of value exposed in your vehicles.

Please do your part to help prevent criminal activity. Thank you!

The Neighborhood Board
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