Annual Meeting Notes
Posted on Monday, September 21 @ 13:01:32 (83 reads)
Announcements Thanks to the many owners who attended last Wednesday's Annual Meeting. Thanks, too, to everyone who voted in the Board Election. We had a quorum, so we were able to hold a valid vote.

We are happy to announce that Anne Burgan was elected to a three year term on the Neighborhood Board. Anne has brought a great new perspective to the Board's discussions and deliberations. Anne ably serves on other civic organizations, and we appreciate the fact that Waverly Woods East is another organization she will serve.

There were presentations regarding the community projects completed thus far this year, as well as those currently in progress. In addition, a brief landscape update and a detailed financial update were presented. The presentations were followed by a lively Question and Answer session.

The entire meeting will be captured with Minutes. We will let you know when the Minutes are posted so you can read them.
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Posted on Tuesday, September 15 @ 15:20:12 (50 reads)
Announcements The information below was forwarded to the NB from Dennis Avgerinos. Please, please, follow these tips!

Howard County, Maryland, and the country-at-large, has seen an increase in scam-related thefts. They may be easy to perpetrate….BUT THEY ARE EVEN EASIER TO PREVENT. Scammers are smart, and will change their stories as law enforcement catches on to each new scam. BUT…they ALL have the same general characteristics. And they all REQUIRE YOU TO TAKE ACTION. “If you don’t don’t pay.”

KNOW…what a scam looks and sounds like. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers often say they belong to the IRS, Police, of Sheriff’s office, and that you owe money. Police and government agencies don’t operate this way.

-- Give personal or financial information over the phone or email.
-- Take checks from someone and then remove most of it in cash,
expecting to keep “a portion” of the money. The checks will not clear and you will be left holding the bag.
-- Click on links in emails. Always open a fresh window and type in what you know to be the legitimate web address of a business.
-- Give out your credit card number, or a prepaid card number (green-dot), to someone you don’t know. EVER.
-- Give or wire money to someone you don’t know. EVER.

-- Hang up and call the main number of the person calling you to confirm they are a legitimate business.
-- A web search on the phone number or business calling you.
-- Call the police to see if it might be a scam before you commit.
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New Versions of Community Directory Posted
Posted on Tuesday, September 08 @ 15:28:53 (117 reads)
Announcements Two new versions of the WWE Community Directory have been posted on the website. A “Last Names Directory” and a “Street Addresses Directory” both appear in the "Documents" section of the website under Community Directory. There are also instructions for registering for the directory or making changes to your information in the directory.
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