Chapel Valley Service Schedule
Posted on Wednesday, August 19 @ 12:50:04 (9 reads)
Announcements Chapel Valley will not be servicing WWE this week due to very dry conditions and the lack of rain.

They will resume servicing our community next Thursday August 27th.

Randy Lappert
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Neighborhood Board Open Meeting Minutes Posted
Posted on Saturday, July 25 @ 10:14:02 (45 reads)
Announcements The minutes of the Neighborhood Board Open Meeting of July 3, 2015 are posted under Neighborhood Association Minutes. under the Documents section of the website.

The Neighborhood Board
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Bagel Breakfast
Posted on Tuesday, June 23 @ 13:04:17 (74 reads)

Don't forget the popular Wednesday morning Bagel Breakfast, coordinated by Roger Arnold. It is held in the Community Center from 10:00 until 11:30.

Please join Roger to enjoy breakfast, visit with neighbors you know, and make new friends.
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WWE Security
Posted on Friday, June 19 @ 23:47:25 (45 reads)
Announcements Last week, we reported the break in of a car in the condo area parking lot. This week, there was a break in of a car parked in one of the parking bays near a group of the villas.

The Neighborhood Board, working through Jaime Blumberg, has contacted the Howard County Police Department. We requested additional patrolling of our community, especially late at night. The police have agreed to do so. They will increase patrolling by both marked and unmarked cars...not just in our community but in all of Waverly Woods.

The police noted that the increase in criminal activity is probably related to the fact that summer has arrived and school is out.

Furthermore, the police recommend the "If you see something, say something," approach to vigilance by residents. If you see ANY suspicious activity, please call 911 immediately. Do not try to take control of the situation yourself... call 911. Finally the police reiterated the obvious preventative measures of making sure you lock your car and leaving no valuables in them.

The Board thanks both Jaime and the Howard County Police Department. And, we ask everyone to help by taking preventative measures and being extra-vigilant.
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New Community Directories Posted
Posted on Tuesday, June 09 @ 17:54:06 (75 reads)
Announcements Two new versions of the WWE Community Directory have been posted on the website.

A "Last Names Directory" and a "Street Addresses Directory" both appear in the Documents section of the website under Community Directory.
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