Important Information Regarding Snow Removal
Posted on Wednesday, December 17 @ 11:22:46 (1 reads)
Announcements With the first snow already behind us and winter officially arriving next week, the Neighborhood Board wants to make sure everyone understands how snow removal is handled in our community. Key points to understand and remember:

* Our governing documents specify that the Neighborhood Board provide a means for snow removal. This includes the driveways and lead walks for villas.

* Typically, we call in the snow removal vendor (Ashton Environmental) for snow events of 2" or more. We may bring them in for lesser accumulations if ice or sleet is involved, or if the temperatures are such that freezing is likely.

* Each storm event has its own unique characteristics. Decisions must be made on the spur of the moment, and our weather is notoriously difficult to predict.

* The buckets containing ice melt have been placed at each villa mailbox, at each elevator condo building, and at the Community Center. If you need to spread the ice melt material, please spread only a thin coating.

* The NB has conducted due diligence on the ice melt material we use. The material we use is considered a "premium" product. ANY ice melt material runs the risk of damaging concrete. Many can be harmful to pets and are hard on the environment. The material we use is both "environmentally friendly" and "pet friendly."

* We had our concrete tested, and it meets all HoCo tests for quality. Prior damage to the surface of our concrete is believed to be the result of several factors:
- Last winter was extremely cold, so the ice continually thawed and refroze. This "freeze-thaw" cycle is very tough on the surface of the concrete.
- The "freeze-thaw" process is exaggerated when huge piles of snow are on concrete.
- The ice melt material may have been applied too heavily.
- Ice melt material was left to decompose on the concrete after the ice has melted.

* We have met with Ashton Environmental and made the following changes to the snow removal process for this winter:
- Lighter distribution of ice melt material.
- Less snow piled on concrete.
- Stakes have been set up to help guide the plow drivers.
- Some changes in equipment used by Ashton.

Three additional points for our owners to consider:

1. Elevator Condo Owners: Please remember that there may be times when cars in the parking areas will have to be moved so the area can be plowed. Please be prepared to move your car when asked. If you go out of town, please make sure a neighbor has a key to any cars you are leaving in the parking lot.

2. Villa owners: We've been told treating your brick walks with a protective product for bricks may minimize damage from the ice melt material.

3. All owners: Sweeping the ice melt material off the brick walks and concrete after the ice has melted should reduce concrete damage due to the decomposition of the product.

Of course, all drivers should exercise extreme caution in rain, snow, and ice. It is also important for pedestrians to do the same.

As the old saying goes, we should all, "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst" this winter.

The Neighborhood Board
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Community Directory
Posted on Tuesday, November 25 @ 10:21:28 (4 reads)
Announcements The Quarterly Directory Update has been posted on the web site. Click on "Contacts," then click "Community Directory" on the web site to report directory changes or to be listed for the first time.

The published directory and directions for making changes are accessed by clicking "Documents" and then "Community Directory." Remember, the directory is intended for owners' use only.
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Finishing The Community
Posted on Wednesday, October 22 @ 20:46:41 (9 reads)
Announcements We want to bring you up to date on two important items: Concrete repairs and the gate.

You have probably noticed white paint markings on our sidewalks and curbs. These markings designate the areas that will be repaired or replaced, and are an integral part of the concrete repair process. The repair process is expected to start within two weeks and should take about a week.

There are several important points to note. First, different type of markings were used for different types of fixes. Second, the markings can be thought of as analogous to an agreement between the developer and the Neighborhood Board. The developer agrees to make the marked repairs, each of which has been documented with a photograph. This leads to an important third point: The workers are not authorized to make any repairs of concrete that has not been, please do not ask them to do so.

There is a related item: The developer has no obligation to repair the surface damage to the concrete that occurred last winter, which explains why these areas are not marked. As was discussed at the September Annual Meeting, the NB will be dealing with this next year.

We have also started the preliminary work regarding the installation of the gate. It is too early to determine if it can be installed before the winter weather arrives.

Please remember one other important point: Both our community and The Enclaves were sold as a "gated community." The gate WILL BE installed, so please do not suggest otherwise. Once installed, we can change the hours of operation to optimize the value of the gate.

We will keep you informed regarding developments on both the concrete repairs and the gate.

The Neighborhood Board
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