Community Update: 4/21/14
Posted on Monday, April 21 @ 16:45:41 (3 reads)
Announcements The Neighborhood Board is pleased to provide you with two important updates:

1. The Community Center is scheduled to be available for use by Monday, April 28. There is still work to be done, primarily laying the new floors, and we will let you know when a firm date is established. When the CC is reopened, it will be repaired and have a fresh coat of paint. In addition, the new treadmills will be available for use in the Exercise Room, and two of the old treadmills have been relocated in the basement. We have ordered new upholstered furniture for the Main Room. This furniture will not be delivered until May 12. In the meantime, we will need to operate with other existing chairs.

2. There will be an important Open Meeting on Monday, May 12, at 7 pm in the CC. The subject of this meeting will be to solicit owner input on two important issues: Heating the pool and upgrading the bocce facilities. In the next week or so, you will receive some information on these two initiatives, including some rough cost info. Attached to this information will be a survey to solicit your interest in spending money on either (or both) of these initiatives. At the meeting on May 12, the Neighborhood Board will present the results of the survey, open the microphone for owner comment, and then hold an NB vote.

In addition to an Open Meeting, Peggy James and the NB will be hosting a “Grand Re-Opening” of the CC on May 12. Please plan to stop by and see the changes and improvements to the CC…and then stay for the Open Meeting. Peggy will be sending more details on the Grand Re-Opening.

Remember, the NB wants and needs your input on the issues facing the community. Please make sure you participate in the survey, and, if possible, attend the meeting on May 12.

The Neighborhood Board
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Landscape Work
Posted on Friday, April 18 @ 08:34:14 (4 reads)
Announcements Spring is here and landscape work can begin in earnest. Here are a couple of important landscaping items for the community.

First, Chapel Valley had planned to edge the community this week. Due to the recent heavy rains, this work will be deferred until next week.

Second, we had noted earlier that we were going to do a turf and sidewalk inspection. That inspection is complete. We had planned to ask Chapel Valley to blow/sweep all debris off the sidewalks after they edged. Since they are not coming to work here until next week, the sweeping will occur at that time. Hopefully, this week's heavy rains took care of most of the debris on the sidewalks and walkways.

Third, Ashton Environmental, our snow removal vendor, will have a crew on site this Friday, the 18th. Fortunately, it is not to remove snow! The crew will be here to repair some turf damaged during the snow removal process. Ashton has worked with us to plan the areas of turf to repair, and they are on a tight schedule. Please do not interrupt their work. If you have questions, please contact the NB via the web site.

Thank you!
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Pending ARC Applications Are Now Posted
Posted on Sunday, March 30 @ 16:14:18 (8 reads)
Announcements Requests for modifications to external structures are handled via Architectural Review Committee (ARC) applications to individual association boards. ARC applications awaiting review are now posted on the community website. You may view the pending ARC applications on the Documents page under "Pending WWE ARC Applications."

For information on the ARC process, see your association's guidelines and application posted on the Documents page.
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Message To Owners: Community Update
Posted on Wednesday, March 19 @ 13:18:51 (9 reads)
Announcements To All Owners At The Courtyards At Waverly Woods East:

Many of us wish Spring would arrive, but Mother Nature seems to have other ideas!

The Neighborhood Board would like to bring you up to date on several items.

First, work continues at the Community Center. The project should be complete in April.

The second item is the subject of snow and ice removal. Many owners have commented on the excellent work of the snow removal vendor, Ashton. A few people have expressed concern over damage to turf and sidewalks.

It has been a few years since we had a winter with significant snow and ice. We forget how difficult and physically demanding the snow removal is. Yes, the shovels and equipment used by Ashton’s workers have dug up some turf.

The damage to concrete is interesting. The NB’s first priority is the safety of our residents and visitors. Nothing…cost, concrete damage, or anything else…is more important than safety. Our attorney consistently reminds us of this. Due to the numerous occasions of ice this winter, more ice melt was used than in recent years. This particular brand of ice melt was vetted before we used it for its effectiveness, safety, and ecological impact. Despite the due diligence, there has been concrete damage.

After the snow melts, Randy Lappert (the community’s landscape coordinator), the NB, and representatives from Ashton will walk the community. We will assess the damage to turf, concrete, and anything else. A plan of action will be developed and implemented. Please do not attempt to replace or correct the damaged turf or concrete. We want the folks walking the community to see the unaltered condition of the concrete and turf.

There is a third item. A street sign at the intersection of Star Chaser and Chambers has been knocked down. Everyone assumed the snow plows did the damage. The workers from Ashton say they are not responsible, and the damage does not look like it was caused by a snow plow. Another possibility is that this sign was damaged by an owner or guest. If that is the case, we ask anyone with knowledge of this situation to come forward. This is “our” community and we are all accountable.

Thanks to all owners for their continued support throughout this challenging winter.

The Neighborhood Board
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