Posted on Saturday, May 28 @ 00:21:35 (2 reads)
Announcements The BRIVO card installation team from Protection 1 (P1) was on site all day today. They provided this information to Jaime Blumberg, which we are passing along to you.

P1 was able to convert the pool card reader to the new BRIVO card. However, they encountered issues when attempting to transition the Community Center to BRIVO. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to overcome the issues.

They will be back after the Memorial Day holiday to complete the conversion to BRIVO at the CC. In the meantime, please be aware that you will need to use both cards:

BRIVO for the pool; and
The current card for the Community Center.

We will keep you informed as we receive new information. Enjoy the holiday weekend.
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Posted on Friday, May 27 @ 00:39:46 (2 reads)
Announcements To The Owners of CYWWE:

Our cut over to the new BRIVO access card system is scheduled for Friday, May 27. At this time, we don't know the exact moment of cutover. That will be dependent on completion of some systems testing.

Until further notice, we encourage everyone to carry BOTH their "old" cards and the BRIVO card. That way, you will be sure to have access to our facilities.

We will let you know when the testing is complete, the cutover to BRIVO is final, and you will not need to carry your old access card.

Stay tuned for more information...
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Next Community Fertilization Treatment
Posted on Wednesday, May 25 @ 11:58:29 (4 reads)
Announcements Naturalawn of America has scheduled the property for the next application for Fri. 5/27/16, weather permitting. This treatment will be organic-based fertilizer with pre-emergent & treating weeds again as needed.
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Additional BRIVO Questions & Answers
Posted on Monday, May 23 @ 22:35:22 (12 reads)
Announcements BRIVO Updates:

We have received the BRIVO paperwork from well over 300 people. While that is an impressive response, it also means there are a number of people who have NOT yet turned in their paperwork. Please remember: In order to be assured of having your BRIVO card by the end of the week (so it can be used at the pool over the upcoming Holiday Weekend), the paperwork needs to be in the Community Center office the by close of business on Wednesday, May 25.

Owners have raised three more questions about the BRIVO system. We thought all owners would be interested in the question and answers.

QUESTION: I won't be in town to collect my BRIVO card. What options exist for me?
ANSWER: Assuming you have completed the BRIVO paperwork, we can hold your cards at the Community Center and you can obtain them when you get back to town. If you can wait until the Tuesday following your return, you can get your card directly from Jaime Blumberg. If it is not convenient to wait until the following Tuesday, simply notify the Board via the "Neighborhood Board" on the web site. A Board member will make arrangements to meet you at the Community Center and give you your BRIVO card(s). Another option is to email Jaime Blumberg and authorize her in writing to give your BRIVO card(s) to anyone you designate. Your designee can then get the cards to you when your return.

QUESTION: I'm not there to turn in my BRIVO paperwork. Is there a form I can fill out electronically to start the process to get my BRIVO card?
ANSWER: The BRIVO paperwork is not designed to be completed electronically. If you can print and scan from your current off site location, we can send you the forms in an email. You can then scan and return the paperwork (along with your photo) and we'll have the cards ready when you return. If you cannot print and scan from your current off site location, please notify the Board via the "Neighborhood Board" button on the web site when you return to WWE. Either Jaime or a Board member will meet you at the Community Center to complete the paperwork and start the process to get you your BRIVO card(s).

QUESTION: I'd like more than one emergency name and phone number on my BRIVO spouse and another family member. Can this be accommodated?
ANSWER: There is room on the BRIVO card for only one emergency contact name and number. If you wish to have multiple names on the paperwork, we will file that information in the Community Center office. PLEASE NOTE: The emergency contact name and phone number is intended to assist people in the event of an emergency here in WWE. People leaving the community may not have their BRIVO card with them to provide emergency contact information, but they will have their wallet. The BRIVO card is NOT intended as a substitute for an "In Case Of Emergency" (ICE) card. The NB strongly encourages all owners to keep an updated ICE card in their wallet. That card will be invaluable to people providing assistance in the event of an emergency.
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Great Pool News!
Posted on Monday, May 23 @ 08:58:18 (18 reads)

To All Owners At CYWWE:

In response to input from owners, we have been trying to gain some type of access for our owners to the "Waverly Woods Owners" (WWO) pool on Warrick Way. We are delighted to report that all CYWWE owners will have access to the WWO pools!

Even better...your ability to use this pool is at no additional charge! That's right, your WWO monthly dues of $5.50 now include the pool.

The WWO pool facility has three pools, including a kiddie pool. During the times when our pool does not allow children, grandparents can take their grandchildren to the WWO facility. Please note on their rules that there is a fee for guests.

Here are some of the basic facts about the WWO pool:

> It is open from May 28 until Labor Day.

> The hours are as follows:
> May 28 until June 17 and August 29 until September 5:
> Monday-Friday: 4 PM to 8 PM
> Saturday, Sunday, Memorial Day, and Labor Day: 10 AM to 8 PM
> June 18 until August 28:
> 10 AM to 8 PM

> You enter off of Warrick Way.

> Your BRIVO card is needed to get in the facility.

> The rules are posted at the pool.

> If you have questions, please contact Ed Mueller at FREM, at 410-730-9531 or

We have also posted the WWO Pool Rules on the web site in the "Documents" and "Policies" section. Please read them before using the WWO pool for the first time.

Speaking of Pool Rules, we are mailing the 2016 rules for the WWE pool to all owners via USPS. In addition, the rules are posted in the same location as the WWO pool rules. Please familiarize yourself with the rules.

We thank the Waverly Woods Owners Association, Jaime Blumberg, and (especially) Ed Mueller for bringing this to fruition. It's a wonderful example of how collaboration benefits us all. It's one more benefit of living in Waverly Woods!

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Posted on Thursday, May 19 @ 16:52:18 (15 reads)
Announcements To All Owners At The Courtyards At Waverly Woods East:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The wrist bands are scheduled for delivery on Monday, May 23. In response, we are holding all BRIVO cards for you to pick up until Tuesday, May 24, at which time you will also get your wrist bands.

ALSO, please note that it takes time to produce these cards. Please submit your BRIVO paperwork by Wednesday, May 25 in order to assure that your cards will be produced and available for you to pick up on Thursday, May 26.

In addition, here are some "Questions and Answers" related to BRIVO:

QUESTION: What will a replacement BRIVO card cost?
ANSWER: We will determine a final figure after we gather some more cost information. At this time, we can say it will be NO MORE than $20 per replacement card.

QUESTION: Can we use BRIVO and the current system at the same time?
ANSWER: No. Both systems use the same card reader, and any one card reader can be linked to only one access system at a time.

QUESTION: When will we "go live" with BRIVO?
ANSWER: The current plan calls for the cutover to BRIVO to be the evening of Friday, May 27.

QUESTION: Can we punch holes in the BRIVO card?
ANSWER: No. Doing so might destroy the viability of the card.

QUESTION: If I can't have a hole in the card for a lanyard, how can I carry the BRIVO card?
ANSWER: Small carrying cases on a lanyard are available. You simply insert the card into the case. Like the current card, it only needs to be in the "proximity" of the card reader for the reader to sense your card.
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What To Do
Posted on Tuesday, May 17 @ 12:27:44 (15 reads)
Announcements As was mentioned at last week's Owners Meeting, we need an additional part for our printer in order for the new BRIVO cards to be produced.

Unfortunately, the delivery of that part was delayed. That means the production of the BRIVO cards has been delayed.

As was also discussed at last week's meeting, we will be issuing new wrist bands. (More information on this will be included in a separate message.) We are hopeful the new wrist bands will be delivered this week.

If possible, it seems most efficient to distribute both the BRIVO cards and wrist bands to owners at the same time. Once we confirm delivery dates, we will determine if this is feasible.

Please continue to drop off your Registration forms and Releases to the office in the meantime so that your BRIVO cards can be created as soon as the printer parts are installed. Jaime will still be in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10 am and 2 pm to collect registration forms from residents until May 27, 2016.

This message is simply meant to let you that we will inform everyone of the timing of the distribution of the BRIVO cards and wrist bands as soon as we are able to do so. Thanks for your understanding and patience.
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Posted on Monday, May 02 @ 19:42:09 (23 reads)
Announcements To All Owners At The Courtyards At Waverly Woods East:

We have been informed that the Waverly Woods golf course was recently vandalized. Cars have been driven on the course and parts of the irrigation system have been significantly damaged.

It is important that all WWE owners take precautions. Please make sure your home and vehicles are locked at all times. And, please don't leave anything of value exposed in your vehicles.

Please do your part to help prevent criminal activity. Thank you!

The Neighborhood Board
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Community Directory Updated
Posted on Monday, April 25 @ 21:05:24 (16 reads)
Announcements The community directory has been updated and posted on the web site under Documents

Please remember that this information is private and should not be shared with anyone outside the community. Please also remember you can change your directory information by clicking on Contacts, then clicking on the link under Community Directory "". You will be able to send a message with the information that needs to be changed.
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