Holiday Trash Collection - Memorial Day, 5/25/15
Posted on Sunday, May 24 @ 10:11:08 (1 reads)
Announcements We have been informed that, due to the Memorial Day Holiday, our trash/recycling vendor will not be making a pick-up on Monday.

For both Villas and Elevator Condos, both trash and recycling will be picked up on Wednesday.

Since the collection will be delayed a couple of days, the trash corrals may get very full. Please remember the following important items:

- Villa owners, please do not take any stuff to the trash corrals.
- Elevator Condo owners, please compress the trash and recycling in the appropriate can. Do NOT leave bags on top of the cans or on the ground.

Thank you and enjoy the holiday weekend!
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WWE Facilities
Posted on Wednesday, March 18 @ 10:02:06 (36 reads)
Announcements To Owners At The Courtyards At Waverly Woods East:

As has been mentioned recently, the Neighborhood Board wants to develop a "plan" for the evolution of our community. Rather than simply respond to every idea that is brought to the community's attention, we would like to lay out a plan for the next two or three years. This gives us all a focus for the future, lets owners know what to expect, and helps with the financial planning needed to implement the plan.

A key aspect of a plan is to make sure the community offers those things most valued by you, our dues paying owners. We already offer: A number of groups/clubs at the Community Center; the swimming pool; tennis; pickle ball; bocce ball; ping pong; pool (billiards); the pavilion; and, the gym equipment.

This leads to the natural question: What additional facilities or enhancements to current facilities do you wish to have? At this time, we are simply seeking suggestions for possible changes Once we gather the suggestions, some will be included as part of a survey. That survey will include a "rough estimate" of the initial cost as well as the impact on dues. Owners will then have an opportunity to support those items they desire and are willing to pay for.

Over the past year or so, the following items have been brought to the attention of the Neighborhood Board:
1. A projector and screen so we can hold "Movie Night" at the pavilion and/or Community Center.
2. Heating the swimming pool and maintaining the current swimming season.
3. Heating the swimming pool and adding two months (May and September) to the swimming season.
4. Lighting the bocce court.
5. Adding additional seating to the bocce court.
6. Shuffleboard Court.

At this time, please do not express your opinion to either support or criticize any of the above items. They will be included in the upcoming survey, along with the estimated cost for each. You will have an opportunity to add your opinions and comments in that survey.

Instead, at this time, please respond to this email with any items you feel should be included for consideration in the Community Plan. Please note one other important point: We can not include every suggestion from every owner in the upcoming survey. To do so would make the survey unwieldy. Any items that get meaningful support will be included in the survey.

Another point to remember: At this time, we are not focusing on the cost or impact on dues. We are simply trying to make sure we include for consideration those things that are valued by the owners.

Simply hit "reply" and send your suggestions for potential new or enhanced facilities to the Neighborhood Board. Thank you.

The Neighborhood Board
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