Minutes of the July 17th Neighborhood Open Meeting Are Posted
Posted on Monday, July 28 @ 21:08:48 (0 reads)
Announcements The minutes from the July 17th Neighborhood Board Open Meeting are posted on the Documents page under Neighborhood Association Minutes.
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New Community Directory Posted
Posted on Thursday, July 17 @ 21:32:28 (17 reads)
Announcements Two updated versions of the Community Directory have been posted to the Documents section of the website.

In addition, a new document has been added outlining the process of adding new entries to the Directory as well as updating existing entries.
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Neighborhood Open Meeting, 7/17/14 - Agenda
Posted on Wednesday, July 16 @ 11:18:55 (12 reads)
Announcements The Courtyards At Waverly Woods East
Open Meeting Agenda
Thursday, July 17, 2014
Community Center
7 PM

Attendees have asked that we keep the meeting moving. Open Microphone Speakers, please limit your comments to two minutes.

- Financial Report

- Updates:
+Concrete Analysis
+Remaining Developer's Work

- New Business:
+Hole on Evening Dew
+Handicapped Parking

- Open Microphone Session

- Neighborhood Board Vote
+CE3 Architectural Guidelines
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Bocce Ball Teams and Schedules
Posted on Saturday, June 21 @ 22:10:54 (7 reads)
Announcements Revised bocce ball team sign-ups and future schedules will now be listed on the Documents page under Bocce Ball.

See you on the court!
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Pool Rules
Posted on Wednesday, May 21 @ 23:14:53 (48 reads)

The Pool Rules have been updated and posted in the "Policies" category of the "Documents" section in the secure portion of our web site. The rules are essentially unchanged from last year.

Please obey the rules and any instructions given by the life guard.

Let's all enjoy the pool safely!

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Stop Signs
Posted on Saturday, May 17 @ 11:21:19 (8 reads)
Announcements As you are aware, several stop signs were recently installed in our neighborhood. These signs, along with the stripe in Star Chaser, are attempts to reduce the speeding problem in the community. Both the signs and the center stripe are ideas suggested by our owners. They were alternatives to speed bumps, which many owners do not want. Both ideas were discussed at the Open Meeting last December. Attendees at that meeting supported the ideas.

The Board should have provided advance notice before the signs were installed, and we apologize for not doing so.

Please remember that the Neighborhood Board is committed to keeping our community safe. We will take the steps necessary to control speeding. If people disregard the stop signs, we will have to consider more aggressive actions, such as speed bumps. Please respect the stop signs and speed limit signs so that we do not need to take additional action.

Thank you...and drive carefully!
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