Community Directory Updated
Posted on Wednesday, February 01 @ 15:43:17 (48 reads)
Announcements To: All Courtyards East Owners:

An updated version of the Community Directory has been posted on the web site.

If you are not listed and wish to have your information included in the next Directory update, please go to the web site, log in, click on the "Documents" link, scroll to the "Community Directory" link, and click on "Community Directory Registration/Changes.pdf". Follow the directions on that document to register. Your information will be included in the next Directory update.

If you wish to change your currently listed information, please follow the directions above to change information already listed. The changed information will be included in the next Directory update.

Directory updates are published quarterly.


Helen Barnes
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Snow Removal and Ice Treatment (Day 2 - Jan. 7, 2017)
Posted on Saturday, January 07 @ 12:49:21 (18 reads)
Announcements UPDATE:
The continuation of snow removal during day 2 of this, our recent snowfall event, is determined to be necessary due to continued snow fall and freezing temperatures, predicted to be 23 degrees during the day. To maintain safe conditions, we have decided to have our snow removal company attend to the freezing snow and ice throughout the morning and early Saturday afternoon.

Ashton Manor will have the roads cleared and treated with fresh ice melt early Saturday afternoon before leaving the Community. Walkways will also be addressed similar to the initial treatment done on day one of this winter event.

Bob Sheesley, WWE Neighborhood Board of Directors
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Thursday Night, (1/5) / Friday Morning\\\'s (1/6) Storm
Posted on Thursday, January 05 @ 19:19:42 (13 reads)
Announcements To Owners and Residents of CYWWE:

Report on the pending snow event and response plan for snow removal. The snow accumulations in the WWE Community are possibly between 1" inch on Thursday evening to Friday morning with approximate snow accumulation of 1 inch to 3 inches during the event. Ashton Manor Snow Removal will address the snow removal as stated below.

Bob Sheesley, NB WWE Board of Directors

From: Aston Manor Snow Removal

We plan to be on site early tomorrow morning by 5am +/- to address the current forecast of a 1”-2” event. With temps well below freezing, any precip is expected to stick pretty quickly so efforts will be made to address as follows:

- All main roadways and main sidewalks first, including lead walks to the large condos buildings
- Driveways and leadwalks in the villas will be next
- The main walks along Starchaser will follow
- We will have backpack blowers, a couple sweepers and plenty of salt and ice melt
- Care will be taken to use NO icemelt on new concrete areas
- We will return in 24-48 hours to blow off excess ice melt from sidewalks and concrete areas
- Glencoe Circle will try to be prioritized more so than in past years
- We will check and replenish buckets when completed.

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Trapped In A Trash Corral
Posted on Thursday, December 22 @ 09:14:16 (19 reads)

To prevent accidental closure of WWE trash corral doors in high winds, open the door and lower the locking post until it rests on the street level so that the curb will block the door from closing with a user inside the trash corral.

CE1, CE2 and CE3 Presidents and Your Neighborhood Board
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Changes and Information on Winter Weather, Snow, Ice, Etc. Responses For 2016 an
Posted on Monday, December 19 @ 16:21:32 (21 reads)
Announcements To the Owners and Residents in WWE Villas and Condominium Communities for the 2016-2017 Winter Season.

       The members of the WWE Board of Directors would like to identify changes being made in the response to snow and ice events that may occur throughout the Community during this Winter Season. 

      Modifications to the removal of snow and ice accumulations in the Community during winter events have been planned by the NB of Directors and Snow Removal Company this past year.  During the past summer season, Board members and Staff from our snow removal company walked the entire Community in order to identify all areas throughout the development that had new and or resurfaced concrete installed this past year. 

       The winter season is rapidly descending upon the East Coast.  During preparation for the upcoming winter season, our Contractor and Board representative have determined that all new concrete repaired in the Community will be identified with metal stakes so they can be identified in snow piles during snow events.  This will allow the Contractor's workers to identify these areas so that they will not be  treated with chemicals or manual tools such as plows with sharp metal surfaces.

       In all sensitive areas, it is the Board of Directors, and Contractor's position that the snow will be cleared using hand shovels or mechanical equipment that are fitted with rubber type fittings only.  Along the roadways entering the Community and those roads in the interior of the Community such as vehicle parking lot areas, plows or other mechanical equipment will be used, as necessary. 

       Finally, it is of major significance that these metal stakes presently seen throughout the Community not be removed or be discarded during this winter season. 

           Bob Sheesley, Member, WWE Neighborhood Board of Directors    
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Purchase and Installation Of A Cover For The WWE Community Pool
Posted on Saturday, December 03 @ 10:14:50 (27 reads)
Announcements This is a notice to the owners in the WWE Community that as of Friday, December 2, 2016, a cover has been installed on the swimming pool surface.

Members of the Neighborhood Board know that this amenity has been of interest for several years. This past summer, while working with our pool managment company at Continental Pools, we were able to obtain a favorable cost on the installation.

The cover chosen was navy blue and was installed this morning, December, 2nd.

Happy Holidays from the WWE Neighborhood Board
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